Browns vs Titans

The Browns travel to Nashville on Sunday to play their biggest game of the season to date. Both the Browns and Titans are 8-3. The Browns are out to prove they belong in the playoff chase while the Titans are trying to maintain control over the AFC South.

The Browns just simply don’t have an answer for Derrick Henry, as evidenced by Josh Jacobs and the Raiders. The Titans control the clock and the Browns set their sights on the biggest game of the year: Monday Night Football against the Ravens.

Dan Labbe (8-3): Titans 27, Browns 21

The Browns play well but the Titans take advantage of a depleted Browns’ secondary to make just enough plays through the air to win.

Scott Patsko (7-4): Browns 45, Titans 42

Browns defenders come to the rescue. Oh, they’re going to get run over by Derrick Henry, but turnovers save the day.

Terry Pluto (7-4): Titans 31, Browns 20

Bad matchup for the orange helmets.

Ellis Williams (7-4): Browns 31, Titans 27

Browns find a way to run the clock out late and escape with a win.

ennessee might have Mr. Henry, but Cleveland has the better running game. The 1-2 punch of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt keep on cranking, hitting Jacksonville with 252 rushing yards as the Browns are on a three-game winning streak.

Can Cleveland slow down Derrick Henry? The run defense got beaten up for 209 yards against Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and James Robinson and company ran well last week in the win over Jacksonville, but the run defense has held up well up front so far.

Run well, hold up against Henry, and keep throwing against a Titan D that’s allowed a whopping 23 touchdown passes.

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