Bears vs Buccaneers online nfl football

The Chicago Bears are coming a brutal 19-11 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, which raised a lot of questions about the offense that were disguised by some poor opponents.


Now, Chicago will have a short turnaround before having a dangerous Tampa Bay Buccaneers team on Thursday Night Football, where they’ll have to contend with a red-hot Tom Brady and an injury-depleted receiving corp.

These may both be 3-1 teams, but they’re going in different directions.

The Bears offense was only able to manage three points within the first 58 minutes of last Sunday’s game, where they faced arguably the best defense in the NFL. Now, they’ll have to face another impressive defense in the Bucs, who are allowing just 23 points per game and 64.3 rushing yards per game, the fewest in the league.

Meanwhile, the Bucs have won three straight games after dropping their season opener to the New Orleans Saints. While there have been some injury concerns on offense, Brady has led this Bucs team to an average 30 points per game.

That’ll be difficult to contend with for the Bears defense, although not impossible. After all, they were able to hold the Colts offense to 19 points last week.

But given the immense talent on this Bucs squad — ranging from Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski on offense to
Shaquil Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul on defense.

So, which Bucs player would you want on the Bears? (Although I think this one’s obvious.)

Nick Foles is coming off of a disappointing first start with the Chicago Bears and will be looking to turn the team’s performance around with a win on Thursday Night Football. Meanwhile, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers have continued to steamroll their way through the season. Can Brady continue his dominance against this stout Bears’ defense? Find out on Thursday Night Football.

ampa Bay, specifically Tom Brady, is coming off of a great win against the Chargers. Brady seemingly has proven his doubters, including myself, absolutely wrong. His deep ball and passing, in general, has been marvelous. On defense, the Bucs continue to perform extremely well. They did give up some big plays to Justin Herbet and the Chargers, but it was nothing that Tom Brady could not handle. Brady rallied the offense to a game-winning drive.

First, we have to speak about how great the offensive line has been for Brady. I think that much of his success can be attributed to the time in the pocket that Tom Brady has been getting, even against good pass rushers. Brady has given us zero reasons to doubt him after these past three games when it comes to his ability to pass in the pocket. However, the one worry that can slow down this team is the fact that his top 4 receiving targets are all on the injury report. OJ Howard is on IR, Chris Godwin is most likely going to miss multiple weeks, and Scotty Miller/Mike Evans are both banged up after the win. I am not sure who Brady has left to target if all 4 are out.

Who the Bucs may need to rely on is Ronald Jones. He had a great game against the Chargers with Leonard Fournette out and showed that he can carry the load. With 26 total touches, he showed little in the way of tiring and finished the game averaging 5.6 yards per carry. Again, some credit must go to this offensive line that Bruce Arians has playing at a top-level. They have been opening holes for Jones and getting that initial push that he needs to break open runs. Playing against this elite Bears’ front 7, the offensive line and Jones are going to have to be at the top of their game.

On defense, the front 4 have been superb for the Bucs. This has helped out the rush defense as well as the secondary, as they are giving little time to opposing QBs to find their receivers. A standout rookie in said secondary has been Antoine Winfield Jr. He looks like a legit NFL safety that can fly all over the field and make plays. I expect Winfield Jr. to be the man to make a play on an errant Foles pass that can change the game. He is definitely a player to watch on this defense.

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